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Heart Failure Clinic Resourcing Plan

Heart Failure Clinic Resourcing Plan

Assessment Instructions


Refer to the Capella library and the Internet for supplemental resources to help you complete this assessment.


Deliverable: Develop one component of an evidence-based resourcing plan.


The hospital leadership team has already allocated the major capital expenditures for the heart failure clinic, such as the facility, legal services, IT, and security services. However, as a member of the nurse team, you have been asked to develop one component of a resourcing plan for the next leadership meeting.

You may use any combination of documents (for example, a spreadsheet or a table) in addition to explanatory information to convey information clearly and succinctly.

Choose one of the following:


  • Apply evidence-based management strategies and best practices for resourcing health care services.
    • Identify the business plan budget categories and subcategories (not necessarily the actual cost) to establish a new clinic.
    • Start-up expenses.
    • Examine fixed and variable costs.
    • Capital budget items.
      • Examples: salary and benefits, staffing mix, specialized equipment or materials, et cetera.
    • Contingency fund and parameters.
  • Apply legal and professional standards for resourcing outpatient services.
    • Explain the alignment to best practices and professional standards for cost effective outpatient services.
    • How will uninsured or underinsured patients be managed?
  • Describe management and accountability tools and procedures used to manage health delivery services and patient outcomes.
    • What data resources and tools analyze costs, health insurance, and hospitalization services?
    • How will billing be handled?
    • How will you determine if outpatient management is cost-effective?
    • How does transparency impact the consumer?

Staffing Plan:

  • Apply evidence-based management strategies and best practices for resourcing health care services.
    • Identify the disciplines and skill mix needed for appropriate staffing.
    • Estimate staffing requirements by discipline and staffing ratios (evidence-based).
    • Develop a sample staffing schedule.
    • How will you staff to meet corporate diversity goals or the needs of diverse patients?
    • Explain how delegation, collaboration, negotiation will affect staffing plan.
      • How does a union contract affect the staffing plan or schedule?
        • Examine the Nurse Practice Act for your state.
          • How does the Nurse Practice Act affect your staffing plan?
  • Apply legal and professional standards for resourcing outpatient services.
    • Align your staffing plan to best practices, the Nurse Practice Act for your state, scope of practice, and the Joint Commission standards for outpatients.
  • Describe management and accountability tools and procedures used to manage health delivery services and patient outcomes.
    • How will you know if staffing is cost-effective?
    • How will you know if staffing mix or schedule impacts patient outcomes?

Additional Requirements

  • Written communication: Written communication should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • APA formatting: Resources and in-text citations should be formatted according to current APA style and formatting.
  • Length: The plan should be 3–4 pages in content length, double-spaced.
  • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.
  • Number of resources: Support your plan with a minimum of three peer-reviewed resources, in addition to professional standards.


Suggested Resources

The following optional resources are provided to support you in completing each assessment. They provide helpful information about the topics in this unit. For additional resources, refer to the Research Resources and Supplemental Resources in the left navigation menu of your courseroom.

Library Resources

The following resources are provided for you in the Capella University Library and are linked directly in this course. These articles contain content relevant to the topics and assessments that are the focus of this unit.


Course Library Guide

A Capella University library guide has been created specifically for your use in this course. You are encouraged to refer to the resources in the BSN-FP4012 – Nursing Leadership and Management Library Guide to help direct your research.

Internet Resources
Bookstore Resources

The resources listed below are relevant to the topics and assessments in this course. These resources are available from the Capella University Bookstore. When searching the bookstore, be sure to look for the Course ID with the specific –FP (FlexPath) course designation.

  • Kelly, P., & Tazbir, J. (2014). Essentials of nursing leadership and management (3rd ed.). Clifton Park, NY: Delmar.
    • Chapters 8–10
    • Chapters 14–15.

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