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IT3212 Unit 1 DB 1 Intro to Web Development

IT3212 Unit 1 DB 1 Intro to Web Development

HTML Editors

Traditional Web page development used to be limited to the use of simple text editor such Notepad. Technological advances introduced other software tools (such as Microsoft Expression Web) to make developing Web pages easier. The W3C calls the first set of tools text editors or HTML editors while the second set of tools are called visual or WYSIWYG editors. The W3C Web site also lists pros and cons for using each set of tools.

For this discussion, you are encouraged to visit the W3C Web site; find standards, browsers, and authoring tools; and research the use of these two sets of tools. You also need to search the Internet and find free HTML editors to answer the following points:

  • List the pros and cons of developing Web pages using simple text editors versus visual editors.
  • Select an HTML editor that you like and explain your reasons for selecting it.
  • Discuss the tool you are currently using to build your Web page. (Make sure you are using an HTML editor.)
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