NURS 6640 Week 8 Existential-Humanistic Therapy

NURS 6640 Week 8 Existential-Humanistic Therapy

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Looking Ahead Week 8 Clinical Supervision Discussion Week 8
Discussion: In 3- to 5-minute Kaltura video, you will discuss client you have observed and/or counseled during your practicum experience. Be sure to make arrangements with your preceptor so© 2017 Laureate Education, Inc. Page 21 of 31 Week 7 Supportive and Interpersonal Psychotherapy you can fulfill the requirements of the Discussion. Refer to the Week 8 Discussion for additional guidance. NURS 6640: Psychotherapy With Individuals.
Resources Readings
Wheeler, K. (Ed.). (2014). Psychotherapy for the advanced practice psychiatric nurse: A how-to guide for evidence-basedpractice (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company.· Chapter 10, “Humanistic-Existential and Solution-Focused Approaches to Psychotherapy” (Review pp.369–406)
American Psychiatric Association. (2013). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (5th ed.). Washington,DC: Author.Note: You will access this text from the Walden Library databases.
Nagy, T. F. (2011). Ethics in psychotherapy. In Essential ethics for psychologists: A primer for understanding and masteringcore issues (pp. 185–198). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. doi:10.1037/12345-010 Note: You will access this resource from the Walden Librarydatabases.Media
Sommers-Flanagan, J., & Sommers-Flanagan, R. (2013). Counseling and psychotherapy theories in context and practice[Video file]. Mill Valley, CA: For this week, view Existential Therapy, Person Centered Therapy, and Gestalt Therapy only. You will access this media from the Walden Library databases NURS 6640 Psychotherapy With Individuals week 1 – 11 discussions and assignments.
Laureate Education (Producer). (2012b). Clinical supervision follow-up [Video file]. Baltimore, MD: Author.Note: This is a follow-up to the Thompson family media piece in Week 5. The approximate length of this media piece is 9minutes.© 2017 Laureate Education, Inc. Page 22 of 31Week 8 Existential-Humanistic Therapy
Laureate Education (Producer). (2015d). On a hamster wheel[Video file]. Baltimore, MD: Author.Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 2 minutes.
Bugental, J. (n.d.). Existential-humanistic psychotherapy[Video file]. Mill Valley, CA: You will access this media from the Walden Library databases. The approximate length of this media piece is 108minutes.
NURS 6640 Discussion Clinical Supervision
Post on or before Day 3 a 3- to 5-minute Kaltura video that addresses the following:

  • Describe a client you are counseling whom you do not think is adequately progressing according to expected clinical outcomes. Note: Do not use the client’s actual name.
  • Explain your therapeutic approach with the client, including the perceived effectiveness of your approach.
  • Identify any additional information about this client that may potentially impact expected outcomes.

Note: Nurse practitioners must have strong oral communication skills.This Discussion is designed to help you hone these skills. When filming your Kaltura video, be sure to dress and speak in professional manner.
View a selection of your colleagues’ responses.Respond on or before Day 6 to at least two of your colleagues by providing feedback based on an existential-humanistic therapeutic perspective. Support your feedback with evidence-based literature and/or your own experiences with clients.Note about uploading media: Refer to the Kaltura Media Uploader instructions document, which provides guidance on how to upload media for the Clinical Supervision Discussions.
NURS 6640 Week 8 Practicum Week 8 Journal Entry
This week, you complete a two-part journal entry. For Part 1, select a client whom you observed or counseled this week(other than the client used for this week’s Discussion). Then, address the following in your Practicum Journal:

  • Describe the client and identify any pertinent history or medical information, including prescribed medications.
  • Using the DSM-5, explain and justify your diagnosis for this client. NURS 6640: Psychotherapy With Individuals.
  • Explain whether existential-humanistic therapy would be beneficial with this client. Include expected outcomes based on this therapeutic approach.
  • Explain any legal and/or ethical implications related to counseling this client.

Support your approach with evidence-based literature.For Part 2, reflect on your clinical supervision experiences. Then,address the following in your Practicum Journal:

  • How often are you receiving clinical supervision from your preceptor?
  • What are the sessions like?
  • What is the preceptor bringing to your attention?
  • How are you translating these sessions to your clinical practice?

Submit your Assignment by Day 7 of Week 10.

ORDER NOW FOR AN ORIGINAL PAPER ASSIGNMENT: NURS 6640 Week 8 Existential-Humanistic Therapy

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NURS 6640 Week 8 Existential-Humanistic Therapy


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