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Quality Control Measurement POM

Quality Control Measurement POM

Please see assignment below. There are 2 problems to complete and I have copied and pasted them at the ending of the instructions. The writing requirements are included.

Internet Resources

  • American Society for Quality’s Knowledge Center.
    • This Web site provides many links to the topic of interest in the area of quality. You will use this site as a resource for one of your discussions in this unit.
  • Weiss, H. J. (2006). POM-QM for Windows (3rd ed.) [includes accompanying manual]. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.
    • Note: If you are a Mac user, please contact your instructor for guidance.

Quality Control Measurement – POM

Competencies Addressed in This Assignment and Aligned to Learning Outcomes

The following competencies align with indicated learning outcomes and each criterion for the assignment aligns to a competency.

  • Competency 2: Assess operations functions needed to operate effectively and efficiently in a global environment.

In this assignment, you demonstrate your knowledge of control charts and how to create the charts.

Use the POM-QM for Windows software and accompanying Weiss manual available online in the POM help menu to solve the following problems from your Operations Management textbook:

  • Problem 3-1 (page 138).
  • Problem 3-5 (page 138).

You may want to refer to the PowerPoint presentation in the Resources for step-by-step help.

Use the Web site linked in the Resources to download .zip files with the installation package you need for this unit’s assignment. You will also find a download package if you are using OM for Macs.

Place your assignment in either an MS Word or MS Excel document and meet the following criteria:

  • Submit correct solutions.
    • The required elements for problem 3-1: (a) correctly place each of the 30 data points on the control chart, (b) correctly calculate the upper and lower control limits, (c) correctly place the control limits on the chart, and (d) correctly determine if the process is in control or not.
    • For problem 3-5: (a) correctly place each of the 30 data points on the control chart, (b) correctly calculate the upper and lower control limits, (c) correctly place the control limits on the chart, (d) correctly determine if the process is in control or not, and (e) correctly determine what nonrandom causes might contribute to the process being out of control.
  • Write 1–3 paragraphs that demonstrate your knowledge of the concepts from the assigned reading related to the problem solutions.
  • Write 1–3 paragraphs that explain the solution using the concepts from the assigned reading that relate to the solution.

The Great North Woods Clothing Company sells specialty outdoor clothing through its catalog. A quality problem that generates customer complaints occurs when a warehouse employee fills an order with the wrong items. The company has decided to implement a process control plan by inspecting the ordered items after they have been obtained from the warehouse and before they have been packaged. The company has taken 30 samples (during a 30-day period), each for 100 orders, and recorded the number of defective orders in each sample, as follows:

Sample Number of Defectives Sample Number of Defectives
1 12 16 6
2 14 17 3
3 10 18 7
4 16 19 10
5 18 20 14
6 19 21 18
7 14 22 22
8 20 23 26
9 18 24 20
10 17 25 24
11 9 26 18
12 11 27 19
13 14 28 20
14 12 29 17
15 7 30 18

Construct a p-chart for the company that describes 99.74% (3σ) of the random variation in the process, and indicate if the process seems to be out of control at any time.

(Russell 138)

Russell, Roberta S., Bernard Taylor. Operations and Supply Chain Management, 8th Edition. Wiley, 2013-12-02. VitalBook file.

The Great North Woods Clothing Company is a mail-order company that processes thousands of mail and telephone orders each week. It has a customer service number to handle customer order problems, inquiries, and complaints. The company wants to monitor the number of customer calls that can be classified as complaints. The total number of complaint calls the customer service department has received for each of the last 30 weekdays are shown as follows:

Day Complaint Calls Day Complaint Calls
1 27 5 19
2 15 6 23
3 38 7 21
4 41 8 16
9 33 20 26
10 35 21 31
11 26 22 14
12 42 23 18
13 40 24 26
14 35 25 27
15 25 26 35
16 19 27 20
17 12 28 12
18 17 29 16
19 18 30 15
  • a.Construct a c-chart for this process with 3σ control limits and indicate if the process was out of control at any time.
  • b.What nonrandom (i.e., assignable) causes might result in the process being out of control?

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